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144 Club

To  earn your badge and become a proud member of this exclusive club, you need to prove that you have mastered your times tables and can recall all the facts (up to 12 x 12) extremely quickly. If you think you are ready for the challenge of becoming a member, let your teacher know and they might be able to recommend you to take the two membership tests.

Test 1 involves answering 20 spoken questions correctly in less than a minute.

Test 2 is a written one and challenges you to complete a table (needing 132 answers) in less than four minutes … this is not easy but success leads to club membership!

If you don’t already know your tables, master them now and become the next member to show off your badge!


A very big “well done” to the following year 5 children who have all recently earned their 144 Club membership badges:

Janushan, Ali, Varun, Adownish, Syeda and Thanuja from 5S

Rishi, Mahisan, Sijani and Akkshiga from 5M