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Years 5 & 6

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Maths Zone

Over 100 different mathematical activities that children can do to practise their skills.

Multiplication table dartboard

Practise all your multiplication tables against the clock. Answers are provided for you if you can’t do one. A really good site for developing speed at calculating.

Dartboard mental maths

Practise a range of skills (doubling, halving, rounding, finding percentages) against the clock using a dartboard full of questions. This site offers a wide range of learning opportunities relating to many different aspects of number.

Money games

Eight different games which involve making calculations with money. Items come along on a supermarket conveyor belt and questions are set. A range of levels of difficulty are available.

Visual fractions

An extremely good website for helping children understand fractions. A range of visual models assist children to appreciate different ways in which a fraction can be represented. Learn to identify, compare, add, subtract, multiply and divide fractions. This website is designed for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 3 pupils.

Higher and lower

Four quantities are given and children have to put them in order of size. There are lots of different examples: ordering whole numbers, decimals, fractions and positive/negative integers. The latter activities are especially good for Year 5/6 pupils.

Perimeter and area booster activities

Try to calculate the perimeter and area of some different shapes. A tutorial is offered to remind the player how to make these calculations.

Post the shapes

An activity to assist the development of understanding about rotation, reflection and translation. Children can also extend their understanding of coordinates. The game can be played at a range of levels.

Post sorting

A series of activities including rounding and equivalent fractions. There are a range of different activities available. Most Year 5 and 6 pupils should try the more challenging tasks.

Carroll Diagrams

Good for developing thinking about the properties of numbers. This site will also assist pupils to revise their knowledge of key mathematical vocabulary.


If your child has learnt how to do a Sudoku puzzle, they will find a new puzzle to do every day on this website. There are a range of levels of challenge available from very easy to very hard.

Grade 6

A Canadian website containing a series of animated ‘mathematical stories’ with a series of multiple choice questions about mathematical concepts. There are 21 different stories available.