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Years 1 & 2

Name of activity Area of learning


Spooky sequences Mathematics

Send the ghosts back to the den by finding the missing number in a simple sequence. A simple activity that assists children to understand how to count forwards and backwards in units of ten.

Class Clock Mathematics

A brilliant tool for helping children tell the time using both analogue and digital times,

Higher and Lower Mathematics

A great site for helping children to put numbers in order of size. There are two set of activities: the easiest ones on the left should be chosen for this age group.

Spin a Number

A counting game that can be played against the computer. Children count along a board, after having spun a number.

Find One Missing Number Mathematics

Children are given some numbers up to 10 and have to decide which one has been left out. Good for becoming more familiar with the numbers from 1 to 10.

Snakes & Ladders Mathematics

The familiar game of Snakes and ladders in an interactive format. Good for practising counting up to 100.