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Science & DT


British Science Week

The children may wish to take part in a competition to design a bag for life in conjunction with Aldi Supermarket.   The closing date for entries is 4th May.

For more information on this competition, please click on the following link: 

Forensic Science Workshop


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Science Long Term Curriculum Plan

Design and Technology

At Blair Peach Primary School, we believe in preparing our children for a technological future. We aim to provide children with essential life skills by ensuring that design and technology is an inspiring, practical subject. Children have stimulating and exciting DT projects that enhance their learning. Our pupils design and make products that solve real, relevant problems within a variety of contexts. We help them to develop technical knowledge and skills, to handle and use tools with care and with awareness of health and safety issues.  They are encouraged to take risks, to become resourceful, innovative citizens.  Pupils have the opportunities to evaluate past and present designs to develop a critical understanding of the impact of design and technology on their daily life and in the wider world.

All children from nursery to year 6 learn how to prepare and cook delicious healthy food.

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Children Planting 

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Selling the Vegetables we Grew

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DT Long Term Overview Plan

IMG_9954Design and technology helps children to become potential innovators.  

Here are some great websites for parents whose children are interested in designing and making things at home: