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Securing Key Number Facts

Workshop: January 2018

Thank you to the many parents/carers with children in Years 2 – 4 who were able to attend our January 2018 workshops on securing key number facts.

If you would like a copy of the ‘reminders of the workshop’ handout resource, please click below to access this (if printing out at home, the two sides of paper are intended to be folded into a 6-sided pamphlet)

No. Facts Yr 2 – 4 Parent Workshop Jan 2018

Times Tables ‘Facts Tracker’

This resource was highlighted in our workshop. If children are confident multiplying by 0, 1 and 10, then this useful tracker reveals that only another 19 facts need to be learnt during Yr 2! As there are 190 school days in each academic year, this allows for the deep and secure learning of a single fact every 10 days. As you’ll also see, it’s just 21 more facts for Yr 3 children to learn and a further 15 for Yr 4s to learn before their entire tables are mastered!

NCETM Number Facts Tracker

[Page 2 shows the tracker]

Times Tables Print Outs

These sheets represent each set of facts visually and, therefore, help children to see what each actually means (as well as the relationship between different facts)

Times Tables Faces 2 x

Times Tables Faces 3 x

Times Tables Faces 4 x

Times Tables Faces 5 x

Times Tables Faces 6 x

Times Tables Faces 7 x

Times Tables Faces 8 x

Times Tables Faces 9 x

Times Tables Faces 10 x

Times Tables Faces 11 x

Times Tables Faces 12 x