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Mathematics Mastery

What is Mathematics Mastery?

Mathematics Mastery is a non-profit organisation.

This year, Blair Peach Primary is a ‘Mathematics Mastery Partner School‘ and is working very closely with the organisation to deliver high-quality maths lessons in Year 1 and Reception classes.

All children take part in their daily mathematics lesson and an additional daily ‘Maths Meeting‘ (10-15 mins).

Year 1 lessons follow a six-part lesson structure; this provides pace to lessons as well as opportunities for feedback and assessment. When moving between their tables and the carpet, children participate in ‘transitions’ (30 seconds) practising key number facts – not a second is wasted!

Great emphasis is placed on reasoning and problem-solving. Children are expected to explain their mathematical thinking using appropriate language throughout the lesson. Children are encouraged to apply their increasing mathematical knowledge at all stages of the lesson.

A starting point to finding out more about the organisation itself is to visit their own website at

Key Aspects of MASTERY

Much more information is to follow on Mathematics Mastery; please visit this page regularly for frequent updates.

Thank you to the many parents who attended our autumn-term parent workshops: An Introduction to Mathematics Mastery for Year 1 Parents‘ and to everyone who has signed consent forms for images to be added the website.

If you would like to view/review the slideshow from the parent workshop, please click below:

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If you would like a copy of the leaflet given out to accompany the presentation, please click below:

Yr 1 Parents Leaflet Autumn 2017

Further workshops will follow during the year.  If you have any particular aspects of learning in mathematics you would like to be covered, please feel free to suggest these to Mr. Barrett or your child’s class teacher.