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Mathematics at BPPS

Children at BPPS love maths … and so do the teachers! We see maths as a creative subject where children are supported and challenged to think imaginatively; our staff are committed to developing each child’s deeper understanding of how maths works so that they can enjoy using it as a life-long tool!

We plan lessons using the Programmes of Study from the new National Curriculum (2014) and place great emphasis on three key areas:

Mental Maths Skills:

Our key aim here is to develop a child’s ‘number sense’ so that they can not only recall key facts (e.g. times tables or number bonds) but, crucially, develop the skills to manipulate this knowledge and become more fluent mathematicians. We help children build a wide range of mental strategies and encourage them to make use of these wherever possible (written methods are, of course, also taught and come surprisingly easily when mental skills are secure!)

Communication Skills:

Our aim is for there to be lots of talking in our maths lessons! Children are given opportunities and a wide range of prompts to discuss problems in pairs and then present solutions or difficulties to the class. In doing so, classes are able to explore the reasoning behind others’ ways – reasoning being the essential element to attaining greater depth in the subject.

Problem-Solving Skills

Children are provided with a wide variety of problems to tackle throughout our curriculum. ‘Real-Life’, more ‘abstract’ and sometimes ‘self-generated’ problems are taken on. As with mental skills, children are helped to develop a number of different, and transferrable, strategies to approach different types of problem. As problems become harder, children are then challenged to develop and demonstrate another essential life-long skill: resilience!

Links to our long-term curriculum planning maps for NUMBER and M.G.S. (Measure, Geometry, Shape):

LONG TERM Maths NUMBER Progression Map

LONG TERM Maths MGS Progression Map