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Year 5 Residential Trip to PGL Liddington

Message from Ms. Fisher Thursday 15th March 2018

The children slept well after a busy day. We enjoyed the campfire and the children went to bed pretty soon after it. It rained over night so we’re expecting plenty of mud. Activities are all on today – no changes. We’re aiming to get to breakfast in record time.


Message from Mr. Gil Wednesday 14th March: Everyone is fine.  The children are having lots of fun.  They have just had lunch and are raring to go to the afternoon activities.  Today’s activities are Giant Swing, Fencing, Survivor, Crate Challenge ending with Campfire!

Message from Ms Fisher Tuesday: We all slept well. The children are having fun. They’re being very supportive of each other, eating well and listening to the adults. We’ve got a big day ahead and the weather looks dry so there is no change of activity.

Activities children will be taking part in:  Jacob’s Ladder, Archery, Trapeze, Aeroball and end the day with Cluedo

Monday Evening: Everyone ate well. There were lots of choices and happy faces.