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Safety Week

Monday 29th January to Friday 9th February

We will kick-off Safety Week with a Parents Safety Awareness Meeting on 29th January at 9.00am in the school hall.   There will be particular emphasis on all aspects of safety while travelling on the roads, to include parking, walking, cycling etc.  A representative from Ealing Council will be addressing the parents on safe parking.

There will be some refresher videos on what to teach your children about how to travel safely.

Our new Junior Traffic Wardens will be introduced and their role within our Travel Safety Plan.

All parents are asked to attend.

Tea and biscuits will be served.

Junior Traffic Wardens

As part of our on going safety awareness the school prefects are going to be acting as Junior Traffic Wardens alongside members of staff.

After half term the Traffic Wardens will be patrolling outside the school to ensure that everyone parks safely. If you drive and are asked to move your car to a safer position please respect the fact that the JTWs are acting in the interest of all our students so that we can all be kept as safe as possible.

From the 19th February, for a period of 2 weeks, there will be a parking attendant patrolling near the school during the morning ‘drop off’ and afternoon ‘pick up’.   Please give yourself extra time for your journey and try and park away from the school.  Thank you for your cooperation.

Read through our safer parking promise form by clicking on the link Parking Promise_Pledge form

Please read with your child/children “The Green Cross Code” a safer place to cross the road.

Please also note the following events:

Friday 2nd February – Year 6 Internet Safety Assembly

Tuesday 6th February – E-Safety/Safer Internet Day

During the week of 5th February we will be concentrating on E-Safety.   The children will be taking part in lots of exciting events which have been planned for the week.   Further information will follow.

Parents E-Safety Workshop on Thursday 8th February at 2:30pm in the school hall

Other Safety Events coming shortly:

Cycle Training for Years 5 and 6.

Scooter Training for any child who “scoots” to school with Ms. Lockwood and Mr. Gil

Road Safety Poster Competition

Pedestrian training for all students for example every day for at least a fortnight road safety videos to be shown to the children as a reminder of how to travel safely when come to and leaving school.


The following are some road safety videos you can watch with your children:


Crossing HD by Charlie and Poochie –


How to cross the road. Rajninger Dalibor –


Stop Look and Listen, Lisa Monet –


Think! Child Road Safety. Tales of the Road Campaign.

(More suitable for KS2)


RACQ Road Safety Lessons Crossing the Road –


Road Safety Song Stop Look and Listen Musical Playground –


Think! Hedgehog Road Safety songs (King of the Road) –

(Staying Alive) –


This video is about how to cycle safely.

RACQ Road Safety Lessons Bike Safely


This following video is specifically aimed at parents:

RACQ Road Safety Lessons Crossing the Road –